Increase Your 

Capture Rate 

by Offering Sunbit Technology.

Sunbit technology helps more patients afford out-of-pocket expenses for optical care and eyewear.

Stress-free to apply.

Applying is fast, transparent and doesn’t impact a patient's credit score.

Stress-free to offer.

Offering Sunbit technology to every patient is fast, fair, and friendly.

with funds deposited to you promptly

Get paid right away

by offering flexible options

Grow customer satisfaction

with a lightning-quick digital application

Keep your practice moving

No awkward conversations. No hassle at time of payment. Just more great experiences for everyone.

Join 3,600+ merchants that offer Sunbit technology as a stress-free way to pay.

of patients approved


tech-driven application


to apply

No hard check

for all qualified customers*

0% APR for 3 months

No painful applications. No dings on your patient's credit score to apply. Just more of what your patients need.

– Mollie Tavel, Director | Dr. Tavel Optical Group

"Our stores are already on pace for an additional $7,000 per month, per store in Sunbit revenue–all within the first month of implementation. It's a real win for everyone!"

– Robert Mursuli, COO | Eye Doctor's Optical Outlets

"In our first seven weeks piloting Sunbit immediately before COVID-19, we generated an additional $41,047 in revenue. We are excited to onboard the remaining 44 stores with Sunbit over the next few months.”

What are you waiting for?

*Subject to approval. 0-29.99% APR. Down payment required. 3-month 0% APR plan for all qualified consumers. 6- and 12-month plans subject to interest. Example: A $300 purchase with 0% APR, repayable over 3 months, would have a down payment of approximately $42 and monthly installments of $86. A $300 purchase with a 29% APR, repayable over 12 months, would have a down payment of approximately $40 and monthly installments of $25. Actual approval amount, APR, and down payment vary and are based on creditworthiness and state of residence. Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. Financing offered is made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

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